Customer Examples

The Rapid Guide to Interviewing and the Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival are valuable outreach and information tools for our One-Stop.  We can provide needed information to our customers in a handy pocket-size booklet with the material being organized in an easy-to-read and understand format.  The feedback from our customers has all been extremely positive...with relation to both print quality and content.


Prior to becoming a Rapid Guide customer, we used some of the Dahlstrom books.  The content of those books was good, but the books were not the convenient size nor could we market our location using these tools.  We use the Rapid Guide to Interviewing at different public events and as a hand out at our local One-Stop.  We use the Rapid Guide to Layoff Survival at all Rapid Response events when we work wiht workers who are soon to become laid off.


I am glad we discovered this resource and would recommend it to other One-Stop locations!